Monitoring & Evaluation

At BCTS, we specialize in crafting robust Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) programs to empower businesses and organizations in assessing and enhancing the efficiency and impact of their projects.
Monitoring: This ongoing process is the management’s vigilant eye on a project’s progress. It involves regular tracking of compliance with the planned activities and outputs, enabling organizations to have real-time data and insights into their performance. This continuous assessment allows for timely corrective measures, ensuring that projects stay on the right path.
Evaluation: This is a comprehensive and unbiased assessment of various aspects of an activity, project, program, or strategy. The purpose of evaluation is to examine the overall design and outcome, identifying what worked, what didn’t, and why. It probes deeper, investigating the results chain, processes, contextual factors, and causality.

It aims to determine the relevance, impact, effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of interventions.

While monitoring is an internal, continuous, operations-focused function, evaluation often takes an external perspective, offering periodic, in-depth assessments that ask fundamental questions about the value and efficiency of initiatives.

At BCTS, our our M&E services services are designed to provide clear, actionable insights, allowing our clients to optimize their strategies and operations, and, most importantly, to learn and improve continuously.