Business Consultancy and Training Services

BCTS is one of the Leading companies in Training and Consultancy in Lebanon/USA covering the MENA and GCC.

Positioned as the lead of the training and consultancy landscape in Lebanon and the USA, BCTS has engraved its mark not only locally but across the extensive MENA and GCC region. Conceived with a vision to empower businesses against the evolving challenges of both domestic and international competition, BCTS is dedicated to nurturing human competencies, ensuring they remain a robust asset to diverse institutions.
At the core of BCTS stands an exceptional team of professional consultants and certified trainers. Drawing upon their enormous pools of expertise, they craft innovative strategies tailored to seamlessly integrate with every facet of business management. Our approach is rooted in synergy: We merge our profound insights in HR and management with your unique business 'know-how' and skills. Our partnership with you aims not only to achieve your specific objectives but also to foster the growth of your enterprise and elevate the competencies of your staff.
Anchored in our unwavering commitment to excellence, BCTS leverages cutting-edge training and development tools, always staying a step ahead in the industry. Our global outlook has led us to foster alliances with eminent international leaders, particularly from regions like the UK and USA. Through these strategic partnerships, we ensure that our clients benefit from world-class strategies and methodologies, propelling them to new pinnacles of success.
From conducting research, gathering data, and performing data analysis to the assessment phase, we have been and remain dedicated to supporting NGOs, INGOs, and various other organizations in appraising projects, carrying out targeted studies, and providing relevant training sessions.
Our primary emphasis also extends to career coaching, where we are committed to providing guidance and mentoring for recent graduates and individuals transitioning into new career paths.