BCTS provides dynamic Solutions to Talent Management, Human Capability, Financial Analysis, Marketing and Sales Strategies.

Talent Management and Organisation

• Organizational Restructuring & Reorganization
• Comprehensive Environment Analysis including internal/external diagnostics, competitive positioning, key success factors, SWOT analysis, and more
• Business Development Strategies
• Conflict Resolution Techniques • Comprehensive Needs Assessment
• Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
• Advanced ROI (Return on Investment) Research and Studies

Human Capability

• HR Restructuring Solutions
• Comprehensive Training Needs Analysis
• HR Auditing encompassing
• Performance Appraisal Processes
• Job Descriptions & Specifications
• Succession Planning
• Targeted Training Needs Analysis
• Customized Services as per Client Requests
• Corporate & Executive Coaching Programs

Marketing & Digital Marketing Consultancy

• Strategic Marketing Plan Implementation
• Forecasting Trends & Strategies
• Prospect Identification and Management
• Comprehensive Marketing Research & Planning
• Boosting Brand Awareness Campaigns
• Optimizing Distribution Channels
• Franchising Solutions tailored for the Hospitality Sector
• Mystery Shopping Initiatives
• Evaluating ROI in Marketing Initiatives

Sales Strategies

• In-depth Assessment of Current Sales Situations
• Detailed Sales Training Needs Analysis
• Innovative Sales Approach Strategies
• Effective After-Sales Strategy Development
• Comprehensive Sales Program Design
• On-Site Sales Evaluations by Industry Experts
• Transitioning from Sales Groups to Cohesive Sales Teams
• Enhancing Customer Satisfaction Metrics
• Advanced Sales Management & Coaching
• Recruitment of Potential Sales Talents

Financial Consultancy

• Strategic Financial Planning
• Feasibility Study Analysis
• Cost Reduction Strategies
• Comprehensive Financial Audits
• Detailed Budgeting Solutions
• Procurement Strategies
• Financial Adjustments & Realignment
• Additional Tailored Financial Solutions

Measuring The Return On Investment (ROI)

• ROI Evaluation in HR
• ROI in Training
• Assessing ROI in Employee Retention
• ROI Analysis in Marketing
• Sales ROI Measurements
• ROI in Financial and Accounting Segments
• ROI Evaluation in Healthcare
• ROI Evaluation in Virtual Learning
• ROI Analysis for Various Programs or Projects
• Customized ROI Services per Client Needs