Become a certified ROI Professional

The ROI Methodology enables you to collect appropriate data to report performance of a variety of initiatives and program types. The ROI Methodology generates both qualitative and quantitative data and provides techniques to isolate the effects of the program from other influences – resulting in credible metrics and ROI reports accepted by financial executives and stakeholders.
The ROI Methodology is the most used and implemented evaluation system in the world; not only provides the capability to evaluate program performance, but also improves the design of programs for optimal impact. A focused, proven and practical approach – the process is grounded in conservative standards and a cost-effective approach to evaluation.

Coaching – Accreditation from The Coaching Academy

The Coaching Academy’s coaching courses offer an unrivalled quality of training for coaches. Train as a personal coach, corporate coach, small business coach, NLP practitioner or a youth coach. Further your skill set with our CPD for Coaches Program. Graduates go on to a wide range of future coaching roles and many set up their own businesses as professional coaches. Qualify as a coach and you can be sure your prospects for your future as a coach will look great.

Become a Certified Trainer (4 levels)

The International Society for Trainers and Developers (ISTD) is a professional worldwide Association, created as a result of close cooperation and a merger of its member’s wide experience and knowledge in the business profession. Professionals in the field of Training and human resource development has joined efforts to with Industry experts to establish this society.
The main goal of the TOT model is to prepare instructors to present information effectively, respond to participant questions, and lead activities that reinforce learning. Other goals include ensuring that trainers can: – Direct participants to supplementary resources and reference materials. – Lead discussions. – Listen effectively. – Make accurate observations. – Help participants link the training to their jobs.


Marketing Consultancy and Training (online workshops and Awards) – USA

Kotler Impact is a strategic marketing community seeking to employ sustainable economic development. Kotler Impact believes in a generation that is sustainable, evolutionary, and transformable. This will be achieved through the accumulation of marketplace diversity, the implementation of fundamental, educational resources, and the commitment of business and professional leaders who strive for excellence.

NLP-Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification from Richard Bandler

NLP is the exploration of how we think, communicate and change - so that we can model, replicate and improve performance. NLP's core competencies are about: Attitudes that produce results, modeling and techniques so we can transfer the formed results. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a tool that we leverage to achieve win-win outcomes for all parties involved and "system ecology" is a huge part of modern practices. In a business context NLP is applied in three distinct facets: mindset, Partners/Employee/colleague Motivation and Sales/Marketing.